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US Declassified Files on British Guiana

Collection of Time Magazine Articles 1953 -1992 (PDF doc) 

British Secret  Files on Cheddi & Janet Jagan 1953  (PDF doc) 

British Files Approving Suspension - 1953-10-22 (PDF doc) 

Suspension of Constitution - 1953-12-07 (PDF doc) 

MI5 files reveal details of 1953 coup that overthrew British Guiana

The Suspension of the British Guiana Constitution - 1953

Jagan Here (1953)

Jagan and Burnham in India - 1953 

British Parliament Files on Guyana -(1953-1970)

Beware my Brother Forbes by Jessie Burnham   (PDF doc)

Report of the British Guiana Constitutional Commission 1954

The British Declassified Files on British Guiana - 1958-1964

Discussions on British Guiana Constitution 1962-02-08 (PDF doc)

Situation in British Guiana - 1962-02-19 (PDF doc)

Sinking of "Sun Chapman" - 1964

Report of the Wismar Commission - 1964 

US Declassified documents on Guyana - 1964-1968

1968 Rigged Elections in Guyana (PDF doc)

Trail of the Vanashing Voters -1968 Elections in Guyana (PDF doc)

A look at how PNC Burnham rigged 1973 elections in Guyana

US Declassified Documents 1969-1976  

Additional New US Govt. Declassified Files

British spies sought help from Canada 

US Govt. Declassified Files on British Guiana 

The Jagans on a personal level - Cheddi and Janet Jagan talk to reporter Lawrence Jaskaran (1992)

Guyana Election 1992 - Cheddi Jagan Interview

President Cheddi Jagan speaks on Environment & Development
 Selected Speeches 1992-1997
(PDF doc) 

A look at how the British undermined democracy in British Guiana when it ousted Dr Jagan - Mike Thomson investigates how Britain covertly manipulated the democratic process in its South American colony, then known as British Guiana, in the run-up to its independence in 1966.

BBC Documentary on British Guiana BBC Radio 4  at

The Campaign for Socialism & Democracy in Guyana (1965-1991) (PDF doc)

Thunder in Guyana (Documentary film)

Janet Jagan on Time Magazine's list of 16 of History's Most Rebellious Women - March 2011(PDF doc)  

Reviews on New book on Dr. Cheddi Jagan - Cheddi Jagan and the Politics of Power

Dr Cheddi Jagan, Man Of The People

Larry Luxner interviews Guyanese President Janet Jagan - June 1998

Association of Concerned Guyanese (ACG) Canada