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Tributes to Cheddi Jagan

Remembering Cheddi Jagan in Prose & Verse

When Dr. Jagan died people from all walks of life sent in poems and verse to his family and to the newspapers, showing their love and loss. Many of the tributes below (*) were included in a volume Cheddi Jagan Tributes in Prose and Verse that was edited by David Dabydeen in 1998. Many others were never published. We are honoured to showcase them here. If you have or know of others not listed here please contact us with a copy. Enjoy!

Abbensetts, R. William - For a Fallen Hero *
A Tribute 
Badunauth, Yasoda - A Hero  
Bissundyal, Churaumanie  - The Orange Tree
Bowry, Stephanie - The Last Journey  
Carew, Ian - Requiem for Cheddi Jagan *
Cecil, Gideon S - In Memory of President Cheddi Jagan
Collins, Joan - Thoughts on President Jagan's Death - March 9, 1997 (PDF DOC)
Coonjah, Juliet - A Tribute to Our Hero
Chanderpal, Navin - Cheddi Lives in You and Me*
Dabydeen, David - Cane *
Daniels, Lester - Cheated bur Never Defeated *
Esquivel, Kathy -Time to Rest *

Fraser, Philip - His Excellency*
George, Wendell - United and Free *
Gopaul, Carol - Last Respects *
Hoosein, Lisa - A Tribute *
Jagan, Janet - Dolly Yellow Breast and Uncle Cheddi - 1997  * 
Jagan, Nigel - Ahwe jagan (For Uncle Cheddi) *
Jagnarain, Kasinauth - Following Cheddi's Example  
Jailall, Peter - Cheddi Jagan's Legacy

Kumar Kesh - The Great
Kanhai, Richard - A Glimpse: The Emancipators of Man
Lamming, George -  Change His Dream *
McDonald, Ian -  Death in the Family *
Mohani, Danny - A Tribute to Dr. Jagan in Song *
Monar, Rooplall - President
Motilall, Rev. Surujlall - Dr. Cheddi Jagan, transiting and short stop over in the Netherlands
Morgan, Timothy I.- Guyana's Revolutionary Son
Mortley, David - Cruel Death *
Muniram, Hemraj - A Pen and a Microphone  
Muniram, Hemraj - There Was A Man 
Naidu, Janet - Bells of Truth *
Nobrega, Cecil - Tribute to Cheddi Jagan - November 1961   (PDF doc) 
K.N.P - The Dawn I Created *
Persaud-Edwards, Parvati - Cheddi Berret Jagan
Rampersaud, Krishna - For Cheddi - Man of Destiny... A Nation Still Mourns
Richmond, C. James - Hush Awhile * 
Singh, Diah - President Cheddi Jagan
Singh, Pooran - A Tribute to Dr. Cheddi Jagan 
Singh, Saywack - Get Well Dear President *
Singh, Saywack- Gone but Never Forgotten *

Sookdeo, Dillis - From Night to Day *
Sukhai, Sharon - A Fallen Star*
Taitt, Helen - Spirit*  
W.A- Farewell, Farewell  Cheddi 
Yaria, J - Ingratitude to a Great Son