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Remembering Janet Jagan

Ally, Hydar - Mrs. Jagan's Death a Great Loss to the Nation - March 2009
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Chandarapal, Indra - Tribute to Janet Jagan in National Assembly  - March 2009
Chandarpal, Indra - Tribute to Cde Janet Jagan at Babu John - March 7, 2010  
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Fraser, Cary - Janet Jagan: An Important and Complex Political Legacy
Goldberg, J.J. - Guyana Leader Was Always Her Own (Jewish) Woman
Hintzen, Percey - A Film Review of "Thunder in Guyana"
Ishmael, Odeen - A Dignified Woman of Great Courage
Jagan-Brancier, Nadira - Remembering my Parents - March 2010
James, Oscar - Great Memories of Cheddi & Janet - March 2011
Khan, Sharief -  A Comrade Warrior Falls 
Kumar, Neil - Janet Jagan was a Sports Enthusiast - March 2009
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Peeping Tom - The Rebel with a Cause - March 2011 
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Ramkarran, Ralph - Janet Jagan - Quite Easily the Greatest Guyanese Woman - April 2009 
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Rodney, Eddi - The Culture of Party-Life & Janet Jagan
Rohee, Clement - Eulogy for Janet Jagan - March 2009
Seeraj, Dharamkumar -Tribute To The Mother of The Guyanese Nation - March 2009
Singh, Mani - Some of my reflections on Mrs. Janet Jagan, "Mother of the Nation" - March 2009
Singh, Rickey - President Jagan goes: end of era in Guyana politics  
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Singh, Rickey - "Janet" - The Remarkable Woman, A Profile in Courage  
Steif, William - A Political Life
Wright, Robin - Hillary Wouldn’t Be the First Female American President - 2016
Janet Jagan on Time Magazine's list of 16 of History's Most Rebellious Women - March 2011